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The purpose of the Fannin County School System’s Kindergarten - 12 curriculum is to ensure that all students will learn the same core of significant content at a specific instructional level, from teacher to teacher, and school to school. Although the curricular objectives are aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence and state-mandated tests, the overriding goal is to design a curriculum that is academically rich, holistic, student-centered, and culturally diverse, honoring input and contributions from all of Fannin County School System’s stakeholders.

Fannin is committed to the development of a system-wide curriculum that promotes high expectations for its teachers and students and results in meaningful student learning. The system-wide curriculum can best be described as a thinking curriculum, one that integrates content and process, typifying real world situations. The decisions, strategies, and practices supporting the alignment of the written, taught, and tested curriculum are rooted in internal and external research critical to providing optimum learning opportunities for all students.