District Leadership

Dr. Michael Gwatney


Dr. Michael Gwatney

Sarah Rigdon

Sarah Rigdon

Deputy Superintendent

Administration & Governance

  • Director of personnel/human resources/Title IX
  • District Charter administrator/SGT liaison
  • Teach Georgia/Frontline program administrator
  • Leadership development coordinator
  • Professional standards/ethics coordinator
  • Personnel induction/remediation coordinator
  • Chamber of Commerce representative
  • TKES/LKES coordinator/employee evaluations
  • GSBA Local Board Training coordinator
  • Public information requests/district spokesperson
  • Professional certification coordinator
Darren Danner

Darren Danner

Associate Superintendent

Planning and Operations

  • Director of public safety/emergency management
  • School resource officer (SRO) coordinator
  • Workplace safety coordinator
  • SPLOST fund coordinator
  • Project design and planning coordinator
  • Bids, negotiations, and contracts facilitator
  • Maintenance program director
  • Workers compensation administrator
  • Facilities and construction coordinator
  • District calendar committee coordinator
Robert Ensley

Robert Ensley

Assistant Superintendent

Transportation & Student Conduct 

  • Transportation program administrator
  • Bus route coordinator
  • FCSS vehicle management and compliance
  • Driver standards and training
  • Student Code-of-Conduct/disciplinary oversight coordinator
  • MTSS Co-Leader: PBIS program coordinator
  • Disciplinary tribunals/hearing officer
  • Federal CARES coordinator
  • Calendar committee member
Heather Finley

Heather Finley

Director of Technology & Information Services

  • Chief technology and information officer
  • Technology-related professional learning
  • Technology-related grants/E-Rate management
  • FTE/CPI/student information coordinator
  • Media services coordinator
  • Security officer (MyGaDOE)
  • Internet/network/social media compliance
  • Notification system/social media coordinator
  • New student registration/enrollment coordinator
  • Title-IIA/PQ/Professional certification facilitator
  • New teacher mentoring co-coordinator
  • Title V-B coordinator
Connie Huff

Dr. Connie Huff

Director of Instructional Services &  Curriculum 

  • Director of PK-12 curriculum
  • Title I-A coordinator
  • Pre-K coordinator
  • Academic coach/Parent liaison coordinator
  • Textbook/learning resources coordinator
  • QBE programs (Gifted/ESOL/Remedial/EIP)
  • New teacher mentoring facilitator
  • Professional learning coordinator
  • Employee travel coordinator
  • MTSS Co-Leader: RTI/SST
  • Interventionist coordinator
  • Get Georgia Reading/community literacy
Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller

Director of Student Services

  • Special education administrator
  • Section 504 coordinator
  • Title VI-B IDEA coordinator
  • MTSS Co-Leader: SST/mental health/wraparound services
  • FCSS counselor coordinator (schools/crisis)
  • School social work coordinator
  • Fannin County DFCS Board representative
  • Fannin County Family Connections liaison
  • Homebound education coordinator 
Lucas Roof

Director of Learning & Achievement

Lucas Roof

  • Accreditation (SACS/GAC) coordinator
  • District School Improvement Team  Chair/coordinator
  • Assessment and accountability coordinator
  • District CTAE/Perkins funding administrator
  • STEM/STEAM coordinator
  • Post-secondary/higher education liaison
  • FCSS Teacher of the Year coordinator
  • REACH scholarship coordinator
  • Fannin Regional Board representative
  • Development Authority Board representative
  • Title IV-A coordinator
  • Board policy/admin regulation coordinator
Martha Williams

Director of  Nutrition & Wellness

Martha Williams

  • School nutrition program administrator
  • District wellness program/committee coordinator
  • District public health coordinator
  • Board of Education minutes/archive coordinator
  • Attendance Support Team coordinator
  • Feed Fannin/Snack-in-a-Backpack coordinator
  • School nurse program coordinator
  • Calendar committee member
Susan Wynn

Director of Finance

Susan Wynn

  • Chief financial officer/Certified Public Accountant
  • Annual budget and millage preparation
  • Grants, bids, and contracts management
  • Coordination of all financial audits
  • Workers compensation injuries
  • Maintenance of all public records
  • SPLOST funding manager
  • Coordinator of school activity accounts
  • Frontline program coordinator