Data Sharing/Request Approval to Use Apps, Extensions, Websites, and Other Online Tools



Every day the integration and dependence upon the use of technology to store and share student data becomes more prevalent. It has become common to integrate student data with outside entities in order to provide services to our students. How educational agencies store and share student data is governed by the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act, 34 CFR PART 99. Educational authorities may choose to share information with outside data integration systems however it is incumbent upon the educational agency to determine how they can participate in using outside data integration while ensuring student privacy that is compliant with FERPA. A formal approval from the educational authority is required for each data use. The educational authority should review each proposed use of data to determine if it is consistent with FERPA and other applicable federal and state privacy and confidentiality laws.

In order to maintain compliance with FERPA, it is required that an administrator or student information system staff obtain permission from the Technology Director before sharing ANY student data with outside agencies or companies. A request to share data form can be filled on the web at: .

Additionally, it is required to have prior approval before using apps, extensions, websites, and any other educational Online tool that collects student data. Please visit Common Sense Media at https:// before requesting approval. If the app is listed and does not have a pass rating, there is a strong possibility it will be not approved. Please allow 14 days for approval, sometimes we have to seek legal counsel in order to review the terms of services for each request. All requests to use online resources that collect student data should be submitted at FCSSAPPREQUEST.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.