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Free School Lunches 2021-22 School Year
Free School Lunches 2021-22 School Year

Public Media Release School Year 2021-2022 NATIONAL SCHOOL LUNCH/SCHOOL BREAKFAST PROGRAMS The Georgia Department of Education School Nutrition Program announces that Georgia schools may participate in the Seamless Summer Option for the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs in school year 2022. A school district or a single school may offer meals at no charge to all students.

Thu Jul 22 07:35 PM

School Board Recognition
School Board Recognition

School Board Recognition Week, March 15-19, 2021. Thank you for helping us navigate our school system to success

Mon Mar 15 07:35 AM

Graduation Rate
2020 Graduation Rate

From Dr. Gwatney, Superintendent: Congratulations on our graduation rate! This is an increase over the previous school year, and it is significantly higher than the overall rate for Georgia. This rate reflects the efforts of all stakeholders -- faculty and staff, parents, and students -- and a focus on success, even when the final quarter of the school year was locked down during a pandemic. Fannin County High School has done a great job with our students, and they are to be commended along with the faculty and staff members of Fannin County Middle School, Blue Ridge Elementary School, East Fannin Elementary School, and West Fannin Elementary School; this success is shared by everyone in our district. I know that we remain committed to a 100% graduation rate, and I thank you for your work to ensure that our students are successful.

Wed Nov 11 08:31 AM

Georgia Department of Education
HB 139 Information

Georgia Department of Education's Financial Data Reporting Tool

Tue Feb 04 09:06 AM

AdvancED Review

Mon Feb 03 12:18 PM

FCSS Crest
Charter Renewal Update

State Board of Education Approved the FCSS’s Charter Renewal Application

Mon Feb 03 08:35 AM