Questions and Answers Regarding the Automated Calling System

The Fannin County School System utilizes an automated calling system to keep families and school personnel informed of important information.

How does the calling system know your telephone numbers?
The telephone numbers dialed by the automated calling system are exported daily from our district’s student information system, Infinite Campus. To avoid missing calls, as well as other communications regarding your child, you should contact his/her school whenever any of your information changes.

What numbers are dialed during an automated call?
There are two types of automated calls: 1) Informational and 2) Emergency. During informational calls, the system dials only the primary telephone number on file for your family.  

Emergency calls are typically reserved for urgent matters, such as an unscheduled closing or early release due to inclement weather. Both the primary and secondary numbers that are on file for your child are dialed during an emergency call.   

Our school district’s automated calling service allows recipients to opt-out of informational calls sent to the primary telephone number on file for your child.  This option is presented at the end of any informational call sent by the school.  Selecting the option will prevent the telephone number called from receiving future informational calls. 

Recipients of a call delivered to voicemail may call the system’s hotline (from the number that was called) at 855-502-7867 and following the directions to opt-out of future informational calls.    

Likewise, if you have previously opted your number out of informational calls, you may resume them by calling the system hotline (from the number that previously received calls) and following the directions provided.   

Please note that even if you have opted your primary number out of receiving automated informational calls, you will still receive automated emergency calls (typically reserved for closings, cancellations, etc.) to your primary number.  In addition, emergency calls are also delivered to any secondary number(s) on file for your family.

The telephone numbers accessed by the automated calling system are imported from the records on file with your child’s school.  If your family’s contact information ever changes, you should update the school as soon as possible.    


Blue Ridge Elementary, 706-632-5772 

East Fannin Elementary, 706-374-6418 

West Fannin Elementary, 706-492-3644

Fannin County Middle School, 706-632-6100

Fannin County High School, 706-632-2081

The Fannin County School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, creed, or disability in admission to its programs, services, and activities, in access to them, in treatment of individuals, or in any aspect of their operations. For additional information or referral to the appropriate system coordinator, contact the system superintendents office at 2290 East First Street, Blue Ridge, Georgia 30513 or 706-632-3771.