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The Fannin County Board of Education operates three elementary schools, a middle school, and a comprehensive high school which offers vocational education in an additional facility located on campus. Student enrollment for Fannin County averages above 3200.
Fannin County Schools have recently been renovated and new classrooms and modern physical education facilities have been added. Schools are constantly upgrading facilities and equipment to include the latest technology for students and faculty.
The Fannin County School System participates in the USDA School Lunch Program and offers a free breakfast to all students daily.
Special education services are available to all children who are in need of help in any area of development beginning at age three. Services include evaluation, speech and language therapy, physical and occupational therapy, vision and hearing services, and individualized instruction. The program is designed to meet the unique needs of each child and is provided free of cost to the family.
fleet of well-maintained buses provides transportation throughout the county to each school in the system. Buses are equipped with strobe lights, video cameras, and two-way radios to enhance the safety of students.
A skilled maintenance crew keeps buildings and grounds safe and comfortable year round. Custodial departments are staffed day and evening by experienced personnel to ensure that schools are clean and well kept.
In addition to an elected board and an appointed school superintendent, system level personnel include an assistant superintendent, two curriculum directors, a school social worker, two school psychologists, food service director, technology director, special education director, school nurses, and three school resource officers, as well as secretaries and a financial staff.
Fannin County is part of the Pioneer Regional Education Services Agency (RESA) which provides consultant and support services for all schools.
School facilities are used extensively by local civic clubs and organizations. There is a close working relationship between the community and the Fannin County School System.


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